Stephanie Nhan (Beppie) is a Juno nominated recording artist and an award winning music educator based out of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Beppie’s music is filled with imagination, humour, and the kind of radio quality production that appeals to audiences of all ages. She is pushing the boundaries of children’s music and stepping far out of the framework with her vivid imagery and genre bending songwriting.

What are people saying about Beppie?

“Stephanie’s music is an inspiration and really gets into the souls and hearts of the little kids that listen to it. It is appealing to a variety of ages and sparks creativity and movement. We can’t wait for the next album.”

Chantel Oswald-Osmanovic, Parent and Teacher (Alberta)

“Stephanie Nhan, better known to many children in Edmonton and around the world as “Beppie,” is an artist whose love for teaching music shines through in the pieces she composes and performs. She incorporates numerous genres and instruments, plays with tempo and rhythm in amusing ways, and writes lyrics that might be silly or profound, (and sometimes both at once). No matter the mood of the song, there is a playfulness in her compositions which holds the attention of young listeners, elicits joy, and sparks curiosity about music.  Most of her music is purely original, but she has reworked some well-known children’s classics in unique ways, encouraging the discerning listener to contrast her rendition with the original and see her creativity at work. Beppie deserves attention for her contributions to the children’s genre, and I look forward to hearing her music pop up in preschools, primary schools, homes, daycares, and children’s events”

Blake Seidler, Parent (Alberta)

“I highly recommend Stephanie Nhan and her music for children.  Being a mother herself, Stephanie is able to create music that is “real” for families.  She is able to reach families and captivate children with her catchy, upbeat and relatable lyrics.  I myself am a music teacher and parent and I really enjoy using the Beppie albums in my studio and with my own kids.  Her voice is amazing and the songs are so rhythmic and fun for kids to learn!  Stephanie is talented and I hope she will continue to create more music and songs that will encourage families to make music together and to create memories and musical inspiration with their children.  The Beppie albums have been a great resource.  I can’t wait to see what else Stephanie comes up with!”

Lisa Sung, Parent and Music Teacher (California)

“We listen to Beppie in my house because it’s music that I can enjoy with my kids. I really value that they can get exposed to different styles of music in fun and interesting ways. The themes in the songs are relatable and connect with activities that we do with our kids every day. Driving in the car, my son often requests to listen to the “Are We There Yet” song. It’s a fun way to connect real life through music together as a family.”

James Ohlmann, Parent (Alberta)

“Beppie has become a part of our home and everyday routine! Songs like Let’s Go Bananas and Hello get us moving in the morning. While The Sock Blues and Cooking With Dad help make boring chores into a fun family activities! Beppie has become a part of our home and we can’t wait to hear more.”

Kayla Toth, Parent (Saskatchewan)